Message from Live Wire Music Series

We have held our collective breath, waiting and hoping we would be able to present the two concerts we postponed from this spring, however, it has come home to us that this is not possible in current pandemic conditions. Sadly, we must cancel the David Francey and Christine Tassan et les Imposteures / Michael Jerome Browne shows.

It is a very hard time for musicians who live in a gig economy to make plans and stay solvent. We would like to support them by hosting them at some point in future and also by giving them any unclaimed ticket money from these cancelled concerts. We will keep you posted.

We have a responsibility to you, our faithful audience, to offer you a refund for the tickets you have purchased for the cancelled shows.

While refunds will be available for a limited time, we also ask that you consider not claiming your refund and instead “donate” your ticket purchase to us to help artists hold body and soul together.  If you wish to donate your money then there is nothing you need to do; any unclaimed money will revert to Live Wire and we will pass it on to the musicians.

The refund mechanism depends on whether your tickets are physical (series tickets or single tickets purchased at Brian’s Record Option) or were purchased online through Brown Paper Tickets.

If you purchased show tickets from Brown Paper Tickets (BPT), you will need to pursue your refund with them; we will officially cancel the show with BPT on August 30th which will trigger BPT’s two week window to request a refund.  You will receive an email from BPT on or shortly after August 30th outlining your options. BPT is significantly overloaded at present and realistically, it may take some time to receive your refund.  If you wish to make a donation, after BPT’s two week cancellation period, they will transfer unclaimed money to us and we will pass it on to the musicians. Thank you.

If you are holding a physical ticket, Brian, at Brian’s Record Option, will buy-back your ticket(s) for us. Brian will give you $20 for a series ticket or $25 for a single show ticket. The refund period is now until September 15, 2020. Ticket refunds that you don’t claim will revert to Live Wire and again go to support the musicians. Thank you.

If you need assistance with obtaining a refund, please contact

Like everything else around the world, Live Wire Music Series has been touched by the Covid-19 Pandemic. For over 25 years Live Wire has been bringing musicians and Kingston audiences together to share music from across the country, around the world and from right here at home.

Our mission is twofold, to bring professional and upcoming musicians to our
Music in the Schools programs, for which we receive some money from the Kingston Arts Council, and also to host six concerts a year, paying the musicians from what we charge for our tickets.

Our little group of dedicated volunteers gives our time and energy to bring Live Wire to Kingston audiences year after year.

We fully intend to keep Live Wire alive this fall and winter. We are planning a variety of Music in the Schools programming featuring local musicians Teilhard Frost, Anna Sudac and also Magoo of Blue Skies fame. We are also working on ways to bring live music to you in smaller groupings and formations.

If you choose to leave your money with us, please rest assured it will be used to continue to support live music in our community.

Thank you and see you at the music.