The Live Wire Music Series is a longstanding icon in the City of Kingston, with roots in the Sticky Bunz music series from the 80’s. The entirely volunteer run, non-profit organization is dedicated to offering awareness and appreciation of a broad spectrum of musical styles.

Live Wire found its roots in church halls and has since grown to fill the lovely 250 seat Octave Theatre, raked seating, not a bad seat in the house, easily found from the 401 or one of the lovely old churches in Kingston, either Sydenham Street United or Chalmers United, located conveniently downtown.

From offering sticky buns, hence the name, to tasty Bread & Butter cookies and coffee or cider to accompany the fabulous performances, we endeavour to satisfy the local discerning audience.

We have invited the likes of Sarah Harmer, the Toronto Tabla Ensemble, Serena Ryder, David Francey, Jesse Winchester, TriContinental, the Montreal Guitar Trio, Rick Fines and Suzie Vinnick. An incredible number of Live Wire guests have won awards from coast to coast.

The Octave Theatre, Kingston, Ontario
The Octave Theatre
Sydenham Street United Church
Sydenham Street United Church
Chalmers United Church
Chalmers United Church

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