Live Wire Music Series is a non-profit volunteer run organization committed to bringing high quality professional, original live music to Kingston audiences. The Live Wire Music Series is diverse and eclectic and offers our audience (primarily) Canadian music not normally heard on commercial bandwidths.

We expand on the concert venue format by reaching out to local county schools and offer music appreciation, songwriting and music workshops to high school and elementary students. We encourage and support connections with the Limestone School Board, the Separate School Board, the French language schools, and the Frontenac Cultural Centre as well as community cultural groups.

Our Vision:

Live Wire Music Series vision is to offer an alternative to large venue, expensive concerts by supporting both established and upcoming musicians and grassroots musicians in an affordable, intimate setting. We encourage the tradition of traveling musicians from across the province and across the country in sharing their gift and their hearts with local audiences.

By encouraging musicians in the schools we hope that young people will catch the spirit of live music and gain an appreciation for the gift and sweat of brow it takes to dedicate oneself to the art of songwriting and performing.

Kate Reid at Frontenac Secondary School November 22, 2012
Kate Reid at Frontenac Secondary School