Music School for a Day

wordingSUNDAY, MAY 24, 2015
8:30 am  – 5:00 pm

Centre culturel Frontenac (Octave Theatre), 711 Dalton Ave., Kingston

Walk-in registrations are welcomed. Bring $20 cash and pay at the door.



For a workshop description, hover your mouse
over the workshop title!
Acoustic Country / Folk Guitar Jam 9:00  
Djembe Drum Circle 9:00
Guitar Theory for Everyone! 9:00
Jazz Jam Made Easy 9:00 10:30
Kitchen Ceilidh 9:00 10:30
Pop Performance 9:00
Tin Whistle – The Basics & More 9:00 10:30
Ukulele Basics / Ukulele Winston’s 9:00 – Winston’s Jam  10:30 – Basics & Beyond
Blues Jam 10:30
Home Studio Recording 10:30
Musical Theatre 10:30
Rise Up Singing Choir 10:30 1:00
Banjo – 5 strings for life! 1:00  2:30
Effective Practice Habits (any instrument) 1:00 2:30
Rock Band 1:00
Saxophone & Flutes Choir 1:00
Jammin’ With Jones 1:00 2:30
Vocal Technique 1:00  2:30
Electric Guitar Tech 101 1:00  
Electric Guitar Jam 2:30
Hands-On Latin Fusion 2:30
Introduction to Song Writing 2:30
Jazz Improv 2:30


  • Does a participant have to arrive at 8:30am to check-in?  A participant may come at any time throughout the day. The fee is $20 whether you are there the whole day or part of the day.
  • If a participant brings his/her own lunch or isn’t present for lunch, is there a discount?  The registration fee is $20 with or without lunch.
  • If a participant is interested in observing a workshop rather than participating would this be O.K.?  If there is room in the workshop for observers, it is fine.
  • Can a participant leave a workshop and join another one part way through the session?  If done respectfully and quietly, leaving a workshop is acceptable.
  • Can a participant be assured that the workshops he/she wants will be available?  Workshops will be filled on a first come first served basis. If a workshop is very popular the location may be moved to a larger room or a second workshop may be added. There are no guarantees but we will try to accommodate people’s choices as best we can.
  • If a participant doesn’t own an instrument will they be available at the workshop?  There will be some instruments to borrow but one choice is to go to Joe’s Instruments Lending Library (Joe’s MILL), 613-549-5637, 110, 370 King St W, Kingston, ON K7L 2X4, the week before the workshop, borrow an instrument and bring it to the session.  Also,  Renaissance Music, 613-384-9225,  is willing to bring instruments if you phone ahead.
  • If a participant can’t read music are they able to participate fully?  Reading music is not a prerequisite for the workshops.
  • Will there be a safe place to keep instruments and cases?  There will be a lock-up for instruments and cases.
  • What is the age range?  Youth over 16 and adults are welcome. Those under 16 are also welcome but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Is the Octave Theatre accessible?  The entrance and all rooms are accessible. Please let us know by email ahead of time if you might require assistance. email

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